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A “Will” is your list of which person will receive either an item or items of your personal property and real estate after you have died. A Will may also specify your desired guardian for your children.

These are simple definitions that do not do justice to the importance of a Will. In addition to the distribution of your property, your Will may describe the manner and place for your burial or cremation; designate whether or not you would like your organs to be donated; provide for the care of beloved pets; designate a guardian for your children; create a trust fund from your assets to assure care and education for your children or grandchildren; make gifts to charities that are important to you.

Once your Will has been reviewed and signed by you, when you pass on, your Will shall be enforced by the Court. The person that you named to carry out your plans will be able to use the power of the court to ensure that the plans that you made through the will are carried out. Also, you may make changes to your Will for as long as you live.

Mr. Collins will prepare your will to your specifications and review it with you. Once you are satisfied that the will expresses your intentions, Mr. Collins will oversee the proper signatures and witnesses. In addition, Mr. Collins will make future minor changes (names, addresses) at no additional fee.

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