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What is considered "Domestic" Law?

This area of the law includes divorce; custody and child support matters; adoption; post-divorce issues.

In a domestic case in Kentucky, the matter will be held in the Family Division of the Circuit Court by a judge or Domestic Relations Commissioner (DRC) without a jury. In these cases, the judge or DRC has enormous discretion to decide the matter. If children are involved, the judge will do what he or she considers to be in the best interest of the children.

Many couples wish to start a family or add to their existing family through the adoption process. Adoption can be complicated. Many court documents are required to be filed at specific times. In addition, there are other parties that have an interest in the proceeding as well as the prospective parents and child. With this said, a consultation with Mr. Collins is the first step toward growing your family through adoption. Mr. Collins will explain the process and discuss the time-line with prospective adoptive parents.

Much of the success of the outcome in a domestic case comes from preparation and negotiation. No party or attorney can know how a judge or DRC will decide a case. As such, if matters can be agreed upon without the need for a hearing or trial, then the parties and the children win.

Mr. Collins has a wealth of experience in the art and science of negotiation garnered through 8 years as a public defender negotiating with the authorities of the state and through 12 years in private practice. Put Mr. Collins’ experience to work for you.